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Ibercutting is an official distributor of Microline S.r.l., a renowned Italian company specialising in the production of state-of-the-art tissue paper machinery. Microline, with its extensive product portfolio ranging from slitters to complete tissue production equipment, prides itself on offering innovative and customised solutions that meet the specific needs of each customer.

Founded in 1990, Microline has earned a reputation as a market leader in the tissue machinery industry. Its machines, designed to provide exceptional efficiency and quality, focus on optimising the use of materials and reducing waste production. As an official distributor, Ibercutting provides access to its highly specialised technical service and after-sales support to ensure optimum performance and complete customer satisfaction.

Among the most outstanding products Ibercutting offers from Microline are the Raptor and Mako series automatic cutters, which provide high speed and precision in the cutting of different types of tissue paper. Another highlight is the Shark series, a complete line of machines for the production of facial tissues, napkins and toilet paper, which offers great versatility and customisation capabilities.

Ibercutting, in its partnership with Microline, shares its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. The machines it distributes are designed to minimise energy and water consumption, thus reducing the environmental impact of tissue paper production. This environmental responsibility is evidenced by the various international certifications obtained by Microline, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

In conclusion, thanks to the collaboration of Ibercutting as official distributor, Microline S.r.l. is positioned as a leading player in the production of tissue paper machinery, offering customised and innovative solutions to meet customers’ needs. Its product range, characterised by high efficiency, quality and sustainability, is backed by a highly specialised technical service and after-sales support.


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