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9Septembar is a leading manufacturer of tissue converting machinery. They stand out for their wide range of production lines, which include napkins, handkerchiefs, protective pads, table and placemats, and especially winding and cutting machines, renowned in the industry for their high quality and performance.

9Septembar’s winders and slitters play a key role in supporting the production lines of paper converting mills. Regardless of whether the material is Airlaid, DRC or Tissue, 9Septembar offers simple, fast and reliable machines that meet a strong demand in the industry. These machines can be manufactured in any size, providing flexibility tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

In addition to its outstanding machinery production, the company offers full support to its customers, including design and development, manufacture of all types of spare parts, assembly and installation, quality control, software development, maintenance and 24-hour technical support. In this way, 9Septembar presents itself as a comprehensive solution for tissue paper converting needs.

At Ibercutting, as an official 9Septembar distributor, we are happy to assist you in implementing these innovative paper converting machinery solutions in your production line. Our expert sales team is at your disposal to assist you with any production problems that may arise, thus guaranteeing the continuity and efficiency of your production process.


We offer assistance and advice in the transfer of lines, modernisation and creation of new lines as well as the purchase and sale of new and second-hand machinery.